Veronica Virgo


2012 was a pretty busy year in my pinup universe! One of my best friends started an organization that combines pinup photography with
benefiting animal rescue organizations, so of course I joined on as a board member. Pinups For Paws' motto is, "Helping save paws, one pinup at a time!" Later in the year, another very close friend became overwhelmed with the responsibility of running & it's monthly contests by herself, so I signed on, along with 3 other very dear friends, to become judges & site administrators. Between Pinups For Paws,, running my own pages & always trying to be actively connected with my fan base, I have managed to stay fairly occupied! I also shot with a number of awesome photographers in 2012 & made tons of new friends. I would have to say that my biggest accomplishment in 2012, or in any year that I have been modeling for that matter, has been the amount of women who contact me to say that I have inspired them or made them feel empowered. Nothing could possibly mean more to me than helping other women feel good about themselves & recognize their own beauty.

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