The Vintage Doll


I grew up with my grandma being a very big part of my life. I think everything she instilled in my life is what turned my soul so vintage. I've always been shy and never wanted to be the center of attention. Modeling wasn't anything I cared about, I always wanted to be the photographer or the make up artist. Then I discovered pin up. It some how worked its way into my blood stream and took over. I've never been more confident or sure of who I am in my life. It took getting married and having a baby for me to finally get brave enough to pursue something that had been important to me and I had studied and followed for five years. My husband told me one day "Just try it, you never know if you don't try." That's what I did and its been amazing ever since. I'm now a published pin up model that has worked with several great pin up inspired brands and writes for two magazines because they trust my knowledge in the style. I am in two "PinUp LifeStyle" calendars two years running, I just got my first cover on "Pink Bow City's PinUp Magazine" and will be on the first cover of "Oh My Magazine." It blows my mind that I am on magazine covers and people find my work good enough to represent there own hard work and dreams. People believe in me and what I know. They tell me Im different from the others and they have never seen anyone who fits the style so well. That I capture Bettie Page in a way that's just amazing. I think they can see the passion I have for this pouring out of me. I won't stop till I've made my mark in the pin up world. I have worked to hard to stop now. 
I may be a pin up but I'm still just a simple girl who loves her home and family. My son is my everything and my purest form of joy and my husband is my strength and my rock. I enjoy playing outside with my son, or watching a new cartoon with him for the first time. I love cooking dinner for my family. I love movies nights, and fast food, or any kind of food I just love love love food!! I enjoy going to car shows when I can, and shopping in thrift stores. Nothing beats the feeling when you come across a true vintage find in a dirty hole in the wall thrift store. It's like a lost gem people forgot about and it's all yours! I'm a very down to earth kind person. I love helping others find how amazing they really are and they just lost who they were for a moment but their shine is still in there. It might just need a little red lipstick to bring it out again. In the end I'm just a little vintage Susie home maker pin up doll that loves sharing what is most important to me and enjoying every great menu in life that I can. I value what you can't capture with fame and money but what you create and earn yourself. That's what's most important. 

The Vintage Doll

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