Current Go-Kustom TV Hostess Kitty Mansfield

Go-Kustom Rekords was formed in 1998 (originally iRegular Records) by Kill Switch...Klick frontman D.A. Sebasstian,
Shortly after he completed his recording contract with Cleopatra Records. Go-Kustom has always had a focus on odd ball compilations, up and coming surf and psychobilly artists and Sebasstian's own recordings. He started Go-Kustom TV in 2002
as a weekly Kustom Kulture magazine style TV Show. In his own words, "I wanted to get exposure for people I thought were deserving and at the same time teach myself how to film and edit. Ultimately my goal was to make movies and producing a
weekly TV Show was just the way to learn how to do it. Filming on deadlines and in adverse conditions, extreme editing deadlines, overcoming bad audio- D.I.Y. trial by fire!" Go-Kustom TV aired on Channels 29/77 in the greater Seattle area for four seasons and is now available on DVD.
Lindsay Calkins joined Go-Kustom TV as Hostess in 2002.

Lindsay Calkins Hosting GK TV
Lindsay Calkins

With Lindsay aboard, Go-Kustom TV became a regular favorite of the Seattle underground TV aficionados, growing in stature and popularity year after year. Lindsay's quirky and direct interview style made her a cable access favorite. She has interviewed car builders, pin-up models, burlesque dancers, tattoo artists, photographers and area musicians.

The original Go-Girls- Lindsay Calkins, Melene Marie Brown & Sheri Johnson- at the DragStrip Riot CD Release Party,
a hawkin' the Go-Kustom wares.

One of our most successful promotions was the Black Stockings Pin-Up Posters. Carolina was our first and most popular poster.

Miss Kel Lady Kerrin B Sabina Kelley Dillon

This series of posters featured both well known and upcoming Pin-Up Starlets.

Karyne Carrier Melene Marie Brown Kara Mae Jennifer Hope lindsay Calkins Nancy Of Glamourlux

Another popular promotion was the Go-Girls Pin-Up Cards. The First Series was picked up by Car Kulture Deluxe and sold at Car Shows at their booths as well as throigh our online catalog and given aay with every order from our online store. By popular demand we re-introduced the cards in 2012 but in a slightly smaller Baseball Card size.

Lindsay interviewed Miss Kitten Coquette for Go-Kustom TV and then Kitten performed several Burlesque numbers for Go-Kustom TV.

Bonita Brazen from Go-Kustom TV Burlesque Performance at The Rendezvous, Seattle.

Go-Girls Pin-Up Spotlight

The Go-Girls Pin-Up spotlight was a way we could include out of state Pin-Up Models on our TV Show without having to fly them up to our studios in Seattle. Models send us 30 or more pictures and put them together in a Ken Burns style photo montage set to music. Also included in the Spotlight are the Models bio information in her own words.



Go-Kustom TV was re-booted in 2012 as Season 5, with new Hostess Kitty Mansfield.






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