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Cyd Cherie

Rosewood Photography


Five Questions with Cyd Cherie 

We featured the stunning Cyd Cherie on Go-Girls Pin-Up Trading Card 5.2. Recently we caught up with her to ask her a few questions about her modeling and what drew her into the world of pin-up.

1. What drew you to the pin-up style?

I would say my first encounter with the pinup aesthetic was when I was about 4? I was a kid watching old Tex Avery cartoons, Betty Boop, silly symphonies, Merry Melodies, and batman the animated series which all included doe eyed women with immaculate hair, dresses, and bright red lips.
Also growing up in the 90's and seeing Wanda woodward in crybaby and Gwen Stefani with Bettie bangs and victory rolls I knew i needed to dawn red lipstick and cat eyes!

2. Who are your modeling influences?

My modern modeling influences would have to be Miss Mosh and Masuimi Max! The way they pose and bend their bodies is so creative and beautiful to me, really modern but still with cheeky expressions commonly seen in drawings and photos of classic pinups.
My all time modeling influences for me would be Cyd Charisse and Bettie page!

Cyd3After Midnight Photography MUAH: Carmen Caliente

3. Who are some Photographers you have enjoyed working with?

Wow that's hard! I really loved working with them all (no lies!) but of course on different levels. Each photographer has their own unique view and how they like to work and I've had amazing chemistry with the majority of them, my list would probably take up too much for this one question!

Cyd4Chris Gomez Photography

4. Your Comic Book Inspired photo sets are amazingly artistic, are you a big Graphic Novel/Comic Art fan?

Thank you! They were some of the most fun I love getting into character!
I've always been a fan of comics and manga, my parents would take me to the store and I would go straight to the magazines and comics section and read until they were done shopping.
I don't know if I would say I'm a big fan as there are so many comic geeks out there that are more hardcore than I am but I enjoy them for sure

Cyd2After Midnight Photography
MUAH: Holli Day and Mariko Merriam aka Echo Neko

5. What are your future plans?

My future plans include slaying zombies and fighting crime while managing to finish up school and raise my daughter with my husband.
I love traveling, I currently live in Japan and I definitely plan on continuing to see the world!
Modeling wise I want to keep taking opportunities to work with artists and continue making awesome magic photo babies!  

Cyd3 Rob Shaw Back From Leave Photography MUAH: Carolyn Merritt

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