Kill Switch ...Klick - Beat it to Fit, Paint it to Match


Kill Switch Klick's debut commercial release has a title fitting of the product. Beat it to Fit, Paint it to Match is an unpolished recording. Neither the cover art, created by KSK front man d.A. Sebasstian, nor the sound quality of the CD seem finished. The cover art blotchily depicts police officers exercising some of their authority. The album as a whole was never mastered, which lead to a rough and primitive sound. Luckily most of the songs were released in better quality on other KSK releases.

Although Beat it to Fit, Paint it to Match was never truly finished, it is still a good release. The album gives a good idea of what can be expected from Kill Switch Klick. Many of the songs are upbeat, aggressive and have interesting lyrics about various things including terrorism and televangelism. Besides the upbeat tracks there are also many laid back sample based or instrumental tracks throughout the album. Some people might think the slower tracks are filler, but I feel that tracks like "Object of My Desire" or "Forgotten Shore" show versatility in KSK's musical ability. Of the 18 tracks on the CD, the ratio between upbeat and laid back tracks is about half and half. Kill Switch Klick's punk influences are also representative in their version of "Submission", by punk pioneers, The Sex Pistols.

Beat it to Fit, Paint it to Match could have been a really great record. Great songs like "The Hobble" and "Go Man, Go" are spread throughout the CD. Due to miscommunication with Kill Switch Klick's record label, Cleopatra Records, and lack of funds Beat it to Fit, Paint it to Match came out incomplete. However, despite lack of studio work, KSK still managed to release a good industrial record. Beat it to Fit, Paint it to Match has a good overall flow, and is a good depiction of what one can expect from the Seattle based industrial band Kill Switch Klick. It set the tone for other KSK releases and is worth a listen for anyone interested in the Industrial scene.

Kill Switch ...Klick - DeGenerate


The 1997 release by Kill Switch Klick is much of the same from the Seattle based industrial project, lots of deep sounds, good lyrics and no guitar. However, this formula is used in a variety of ways on DeGenerate. Some of the tracks are a lot like what one would call a typical KsK song, but there are also several songs which have a much different sound. With the many types of songs mixed together DeGenerate turned out to be a really good record.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of DeGenerate is the amount of use of the Slambar, a homemade instrument created by KsK front man d.A. Sebasstian, the Slambar is much more evident on DeGenerate than other Kill Switch Klick release and helps to give it a more distinct sound. The slambar, trombone, and several basses are accompanied heavily by programming and electronic and acoustic percussion throughout the record, giving DeGenerate a very thick sound, customary of KsK.

DeGenerate opens up with a good Kill Switch Klick track and continually has good tracks all over the record. By track the sound has changed and a sound collage of Sebasstian's former punk band is inserted. Although "Xijix" is not a terrible track and gives a break from the dominant sound on the record, but an actual song with a more experimental sound would have made a better fit. However, "Xijix" is followed by "Meth" a really good slow paced track that deals with drug addiction and has an all-together great sound. After "Meth" an all Slambar song is inserted, which is slow paced and boring, but is worth hearing because of the Slambar sound. The last 5 actual songs on DeGenerate are all great and vary in styles from the normal KsK sound to ambient.

DeGenerate has a better sound than the earlier KsK. The album as a whole has very nice flow and is a great industrial CD. If you enjoyed any other KsK releases DeGenerate is well worth checking out.

Kill Switch ...Klick - Organica


Organica, the 1999 release from the Seattle based industrial group Kill Switch Klick, was a step in a different direction. Instead of avoiding guitar entirely, d.A. Sebasstian, the main force behind Kill Switch Klick, decided to make the acoustic guitar the primary sound on Organica. The new sound of Kill Switch Klick is representative of KSK's change in labels, from the established electronic/industrial Cleopatra Records, to Sebasstian's own Iregular Records. Organica marks the first release from Kill Switch Klick on Iregular Records and hopefully is a preview of what is to come from KSK and Iregular Records in the future.

Organica is a collection of older KSK songs and unreleased tracks, all with a fairly organic sound. Throughout the record Sebasstian uses the acoustic guitar accompanied by good drum programming, organic percussion, the occasional horn and socially conscious lyrics. On one of the more creative tracks, "5 Hotwheels in My Box", Sebasstian uses the bagpipe and the banjo along with his children on vocals. "5 Hotwheels in My Box" is a playful track that stands out as the most divergent from KSK's original sound. It is also because of the more experimental songs on Organica, like "5 Hotwheels in My Box" that Sebasstian was able to create a record with a more friendly personality than his previous releases. Other notable songs are "Follow Me (Semi-Dub)", "Go Man, Go III", and "Huddle Hobble". All the tracks on Organica are good Kill Switch Klick songs. However, if you are looking for a new industrial CD, I would not recommend Organica. The experimental sound for KSK has strayed far from their previous sound. Organica is more for someone who is a fan of Kill Switch Klick, or for someone who is interested in more experimental music.

Even though Organica was a different approach to music for d.A. Sebasstian, it is still a good record and shows the wide abilities of Kill Switch Klick's front man d.A. Sebasstian. Organica is a good all around record. It is a shame that on Iregular Records it could receive minimal promotion, but if you can find it, I would definitely consider picking it up.