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01. One Minute Endless
02. Silent Explosion
03. Sick & Tired
04. Bandwidth
05. Mania
06. Empathy
07. The Transient Ballet
08. Dragonshit
09. Agoraphobia
10. Love

silent explosion
deep aggression 
under my breath
don't breathe a word
frustration frustration
slow torture
say something but "nothing" comes out
silent explosion silent explosion
frustration frustration
deep aggression
things I "should" say
but hesitation...
under my breath
silent explosion silent explosion

©1994- D.A. Sebasstian 

"Sick and tired," I said
she sat cross legged on the floor of my studio apartment
complaining about some bullshit or this or that person
"I'm sick and tired, " I said, "I'm sick of all this 6th grade crap,
sick of me and you."

I wanna reach up and kiss the sun 
I wanna lick all the stars one by one by one

she didn't hear a word I said
she just kept on and on and on
"Sick and tired," I said
sick of all the stiffening middle aged white folks hiding 
in  their suburban hell
watching reruns and CNN and complaining with their lives
stuck in neutral
she had a family like that 

I wanna reach up and kiss the sun 
I wanna lick all the stars one by one by one

so then I say, "Let's go to the store."
we get up and as soon as she's out of the door
I slam it hard and lock it fast
she yells out in the hall
"Hey! Let me in!
This isn't funny! Let me in!"
man I'm sick and tired
so sick and tired

I wanna reach up and kiss the sun 
I wanna lick all the stars one by one by one

©1992- D.A. Sebasstian

I have risen
built up
and the stripped to this
I am all you want me to be
all that you ask
tell me to be
new skin
and someones 
about something
I don't even care about
but empathy 
is what it kills

I have risen
built up
and then stripped
to this
I hate 
all people
like me
call "that"

©1990 D.A. Sebasstian

fear and isolation
fear and isolation
sitting in my room reinventing the world
dreaming about the massacre of pop stars
huddled in the corner screaming out the names
I show no mercy today
drawing  quick conclusions making little plans
I am just a nobody by my very nature
another bland statistic waiting in the wings
not given to the changing of the guard
fear and isolation
fear and isolation
still I am the King of this my little world
still I am the King of nothing
without the inspiration to change a single thing
alone in my gradual decay
afraid to step outside or break the isolation
the entire ruthless world lays far beyond my grasp
spread out like a virgin under deep blue skies
forgotten by a delusional hand
fear and isolation
fear and isolation

©1994 D.A. Sebasstian 

after the darkness before the sound
the virgin pulse again again
like your swollen heartbeat 
like your timid smile
like the rule sometimes broken
but not forgotten

scattered easy pieces
shattered harmony
desperately reaching for the next 
once again

©1993 D.A. Sebasstian

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